My Mirror

Hello my mirror…
I always get baper whenever beside you..
Yea..maybe I’m the only one who feel so because you describe yourself as a calm and rational one.

It’s happy to know that we have the same old today .. even you almost forget this day cute you are darl..caring less about the date..what a man!!

What about Batman vs Superman movie we watched last midnight. U took me to movie to please your wife huh..thank you so much but frankly to say I prefered to helping my sleepy eyes rather than watching their action on the screen. But I really enjoyed sitting behind u riding motorcycle to the movie, talking so many things, asking why this why that (especially about chemistry). You are really a great alchemist -for me-. It was also a fun thing to walk beside you wearing the same jacket (nice to know we have the -almost- mimicry jacket with our fav color blue). You said we looks like alay teenager, right. Haha..if it is with you it will be oke for me.

So Happy Birthday my mirror.Hopefully u have barakah age
Doing great things along the journey to reach paradise.

Hopefully we will be looking and staring each other like this. Beautifying our self in order to get better reflection in the mirror.

Last but not least, let’s thanks Allah for His great mysterious destiny. That today in your 25 years I’m here as your mirror.

The Green Valley, April 6th 2016
With love


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